Therapies for Depression

Day Fourteen: Therapies

It’s my last day off for the week and I am feeling really rested and emotionally clam. My depression is pretty low today, I would say a 2 out of 10.

I’ve been exploring different therapeutic activities lately and I thought I would share a couple that I have been enjoying. I will say that in my darkest moods there is absolutely no activity that comforts, except for sleeping. So I’m pretty happy just to be able to enjoy anything at all right now. Also, like most working adults, I have little time after the daily responsibilities to really engage in any of my hobbies or “fun” activities. It’s really only on the weekends, after cleaning, doing laundry, running errands, paying bills, walking the dogs, and calling my mom/sisters that I am able to meditate or work on art projects in the remaining spare time of the day. So during the week I usually only have a few minutes at the end of the day to try and relax before bed. I try and listen to two or three relaxing videos to erase the stress and worries of the day.

Positive Affirmations

For a while now I have been listening to positive affirmations recorded by Louise Hay on YouTube. At first I found them really corny, but I stuck with her program of positive thinking for 15-30 minutes a day (right before bed) and I really have benefited. I’ve realized how pointless a lot of my negative and pessimistic fear-thinking has been. Simply changing some of my habitual thought patterns has really reduced my stress. For instance, instead of worrying before work about all of the possible negative scenarios that might occur, or by telling myself “I know I’m going to have an awful day at work” I now tell myself “I know that I am going to have a wonderful day at work where I do my best and bring positive energy into the lives of people I meet. I am grateful for the opportunity to earn money for myself and my family.”

Whisper Readings

While searching for positive affirmations and meditations on YouTube, I came across some interesting relaxation videos referred to as ASMR recordings. Wikipedia says that, “Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli.” Basically, ASMR is just the deep relaxation response in the body to soft sounds, like whispering, tapping, turning pages, etc. I absolutely love some of these videos, especially the sounds of whisper readings and hair brushings. The soft sounds immediately make my brain feel warm and fuzzy and sleepy…

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